So one of the points I pointed in the previous post was “We need a single point of entry for all the data which is flowing from you to the outside world”.

Consider Google, which provides the following

-          they have a Orkut, social networking site, thru which they have a list of your close friends (It would be pretty simple to ask you how you know that person), so they understand what kind of relationship you have with your friends.

-          they provide you a mail service, so they know whom you contact most/least often.

-          They have your chat (talk), so they know whom you communicate instantly with. (this + the social networking site’s scrap feature)

-          The OpenSocial was initiated which allowed sharing friends info (of course it could not be replicated) across members of the OpenSocial forum.

-          They have provided an RSS reader, so they know what you read. (some kind of replacement for newspapers)

-          They know what your friends read since your friends also match the above criteria.

-          They know what kind of advertisements interests you.

So what you see over here is a “search company” which would be able to “on demand” replicate you. J After the other AI probs are cracked i.e..

And so now you understand why I want to  get into google!!!!!


1.       Nowhere in my previous blog post or this blog post do I say that google is using this data.

2.       As per my knowledge, Google is currently not using this data.

3.       I am very sure it will never deny a user his/her privacy by using this data in the future also.

4.       Do not make any misassumptions or crib about this post

Hopefully I get time tomorrow morn to post this to my blog. ZZZZZZzzzzz…