F22 - Raptor Front Shot
Originally uploaded by P.Sachin.NayakThis bird is known as the F22, also nick named Raptor. It is one among the most stealthiest, and during it s time has been considered as the (whew!!!) plane... of course they are getting out the F34 now.....

I had seen this and many other planes in action.. and i guess these are the real things which i do miss about the United States!!!!

But in India the one plane which i feel would make my heart skip a beat would be the Tejas (prev known as LCA). This was one indian plane whose poster i roamed around with when i was a kid. (Tejas (LCA). I heard  started last year. Neat!!!! Maybe i ll get a chance to se it in the next air show (which i feel should be done on a more regularly)