While crawling the web as well as while working, i find many concepts. Some which i know/have heard of, and some concepts which i find really interesting or challenging. Yes, i usually dont get enough time to delve into the details about these concepts but i do look these up, and add it to my list of never-ending "TBD"s.

Slowly i have realized that i am unable to keep track of these, especially considering the travellling required due to my job, change of locations/machines, etc.etc. I need to get this online sometime. Am working on some strategies to achieve this (Dont mention about the social book marking, etc. Have tried these, but i do want something more).

Anyway, i am currently looking up these terms, for now:

  • Thinking Flat - This sounds like a good "once in a while" kind of thinking. Thought of and explained by Thomas L.Friedman, this tries to explain the world as a flat. No he does not try to prove that Copernicus screwed. Instead, he talks about economics, production, supply chain, etc. to explain about the changing way in which business is being done/will be done. Has set many thought engines in motion (Check The world is flat, http://www.infosysblogs.com/thinkflat/, http://www.thinkflat.infosys.com/ )
  • Web 2.0 - This is some concept which i have been reading about since long, talks about the changing web, it's effects on consumers, as well as providers. The new UIsbeing developed by various web sites, is a result of this.

Wanted to mention both about these in a single post, mainly because:

The former speaks about flat surfaces, the other speaks gives the idea of using rounded surfaces (web pages, previously had straight surfaces, but web 2.0 seems to be having more of rounded surfaces). :)

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