Tried out Google chrome…. And my only response is, I am addicted!!!!

I had started off expecting that I won’t stick to it for long, considering that I am pretty happy with FF3. But after using Google Chrome, I realized the advantages of having a separate process for each tab. Yes it does not have the add ins, but I am sure those will follow.

Even IE8 beta 2 takes a couple of seconds to open a new tab (with no content displayed, except their usual about:tabs). Chrome opens up a tab, and also displays an intelligent page, in less than a second :O.

These guys know how to build a browser!!!

Things I love to do with this browser.

-          I enjoy draggin a tab out of the window…. The dragging UI is pretty cool

-          The rendering engine is pretty fast.

The only problem I seem to be facing is, I am not able to open google s applications such as Google reader. (When I try to open, it directs me to the login page but does not show the UI to login and just stops there). I need to figure this out. It may be because of some nonsense corporate policy (our company has some really crappy internet usage policies.)


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