Was reading "The Google Story", when i got this wierd idea.

Consider a stripped down version of Linux, meant only for doing simple things such as browsing the internet, to read from the various drives (which is primarily meant only for storage of personal data), to play music and some single-player games.
All the rest provided by the internet. Information searching/Chatting/Mailing/Documentation editing/journal maintenance/daily schedule maintenance/news/rss/shopping, etc. What else will you use for your computer for?

Ok, actually i have been working on mainframes for some time now and am getting adjusted to the "dumb terminal" concept. Then i started associating the concept with scenario we are observing all over the net.

As a matter of fact this will reduce the power of processing required on the client side also!!! Looks like the world is changing.... for the bettter, yup, i am sure.

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