Me, victimized.
And i had always assumed that i have no chances of remembering that place which everyone used to call "Engg. College".
Guess i am human cos i had this sudden rememberance, of college. or to be more exact, the time in college.
Hm, <day-dreaming>. The fun we had, the various ways in which i screwed up my life, etc. etc. And you know what, I would'nt mind going thru it all over again. (as long as the studying did not come into the picture). Anyway I used to assume that MIT was the only place where you can screw up your life. That was until yesterday. Friends (highly) recommended to me the book "Five point someone -- Chetan Bhagat". Now I realize, you can screw up even in IIT.
Yup, the book's good. I even remembered our lecturers. Wont get into detail, as i don't want to mention all the negatives that i thought about. But i do still remember them. I remember all the class mates who used to screw up their life by studying day in and day out, with things they are not using now and are of course outdated enough not to be used in the future. And of course the things they missed out which they can never do again, the booze, the fags, the whatever..... and whatever. Yup, I can train my kid to be a great kid :D

The best part about the whole story is i dont even use what i did not study that time :D. So i guess i did not miss anything.

Signing off, before readers shed tears over their memories.