I was using Callback (AJAX) to retrieve a page i had developed .
Lets start all over,
I was using AJAX to retrieve a part of the contents of a web page. Cool, simple, it downloaded without a pain, then I innerHTMLed it to a span tag. Worked fine, successful, clapped my hands etc.etc.

Clicked on the button which had seemed to appear out of nowhere.
And then, it all fell apart.
The feared exclamatory symbol appeared on the status bar.... And for the newbies, thats an indication of a JavaScript error in IE.
Of course, as usual i was all curses at my IE window......Anyway to make a long story short (i AM quite sleepy u know). the scripts which i seemed to be innerHTMLing to the span tag are not executed. And what i mean is anything between the script tags which have been innerHTMLed to that span tag are not executed.

Of course i can see a ray of hope in the distance. I mean the distance till tomorrow morning.

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For the non-indians of course there is Earth Simulator, Japan's 40-Teraflop/second.