Finally, I got the template fixed :)
Comments requested.

Features provided:
Not sure whether all are available on other browsers. We have a policy which prevents us from installing softwares not provided with Windows.

  • New colors
  • My photo
  • Minimize-Maximize panel, my favourite. Everybody seem to be awing it ;) (do click the minus sign next to the post's title. Non-IE users do pass your comments, i have not been able to try it out.

Other than the neat features, do return to see the posts which will be posted soon. I got my BloggerPost tool ready. (Feeds the blog thru the ATOM API). Am searching for names to christen it, and of course it needs to be perfected upon.

Can anybody think of any new neat functionalities to put on this blog???

And lastly, need to tell sorry to blogger, for using up quite a bit of their resources. Thanks blogger!!!!