Do you program using Whidbey???? or even VS.NET 2003????
I do, with Whidbey beta 1.
Anyway somebody pointed me to a product available freely. I, the inquisitive one downloaded it.
Executed it.
Looked good.
But what about the functionality???
It loaded up some dlls i had seen in .NET.. But what the heck he had used System.Reflection just to get the functions, something I had been doing long ago.
Was about to close it when i realised that the methods mentioned were links. As usual the curious me decided to explore.
Assuming that it will take me to msdn help for that method i clicked.
And lo and behold it showed me, I am serious, the full code in C#. Wow, there's something I can't do. Imagine knowing the IL for .NET and using it to build a full fledged disassembler. I seriously recommended dotnet Reflector found at Lutz Roeder's Programming.NET C# VB CLR WinFX for a really serious programmer. Found at the site are various other superb tools.