Blog power, do you believe in it?


  1. Gaurav Sabnis blogs a link to an article to a magazine called JamMag.
  2. The "concerned party" in the article issues a legal (?) notice on him via email.
  3. Threats issued to Gaurav's employer.
  4. Blogs protesting this starts off.
  5. Blogs insist to the right of speech
  6. And here i am, blogging it.

If blogs do not have the right to free speech, what is democracy? In the end, it depends on the reader to decide for himself/herself as to what is right, and what is not?

The posting on Gaurav's blog was not authoratitive. It was just his opinion, then why should he be asked to delete it? And why threaten? He just linked to the page. Does that mean i should not blog about any single technology, because it is detrimental to the growth of other technologies? So i have decided to join the fight for "Free speech to blogs".

I am not sure why i have mentioned IIPM as the "concerned party" everywhere in this post. Guess it was to build up the curiosity till the end of the post.

It seems the top search in technorati is currently IIPM. Check this image.


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