Firstly, no i am not dead (how surprising!!!).

Was busy with work, and later was busy with how to get out from work. During the past few days, i am observing some changes. Changes over the net, changes in my attitude towards my official work, etc. etc. Forgive my not delving into the latter.

Looks like indians seem to be getting majorly into blogging, and following up other blogs. Yes, i know it has been there since quite some time. But the indian blogger turnign the wheels of justice, etc. etc. is somethign which was unknown previously. Wel done, indian bloggers. And for those who dont know what i am talking about, perform a search for Gaurav Sabnis/Rashmi Bansal (these are just examples, the complete list would have required many more hours of my offically working time ;) ). Or do a search for "IIPM war"/"Manjunathan".
But whatever happens dont ask me where to search, or which search engine to use.

Speaking of search engines, have you heard of Riya? or Releton? or Start/Live
And while you are at it, look at plazes.

Looks like the web is slowly becoming a SOA based implementation. Related to this remember to check REST.