Till now, i had no reason to shift to a different browser. I mean, what the hell, IE does work right? And most of the web administrators do keep in mind IE, considering the number of persons using IE. So why did i have to shift? No, that does not mean i support one browser and dont want to support others. The point i am trying to make is, IE works, and i get my job done. And now comes along flock.Of course, in Firefox, i had options of downloadng plugins or writing new plug ins for myself, but should it not be part of the package. Searching for plug ins would have been a downtime. Anyway flock looks like a good add in for me. Helps me create blog posts.(This blog post is being written using Flock).

Looks are REALLY goood. Have to try out all the features, but till now i still doubt whether this is a beta (looks pretty stable to me, till now atleast).

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