This XmlHttpRequest thingie (aka Ajax as pointed out by Rakesh), is getting INTO my blood. Can't help it, the features provided are really good.

Gone are the days when we required to call form.submit(), everytime we needed to validate simple items, etc. etc. Whew, just thnking about the possibilities screws up my mind. Was checking out as to how others have used this object, and came up with this small list,

Seeing the list, makes me think, maybe i should shift to google :D

Then i came across this site, which talks about Usability Guidelines for XmlHttpRequest. Wow, that's something new. Anyway checked it out and found that his examples and mis-examples are somethings really worth reading about.

Further if you really dont know what i am speaking about, this site of apple's is a great explanation of the object and it's functionalities.

I guess i better sign off before you get bored of XmlHttpRequest. Also need to get back to working on Client CallBack, yeah, u guessed it right, the XmlHttpRequest object provided by ASP.NET 2.0 (codename Whidbey)