Enough of idle minds' posts. Instead got down to the engines of coding and coded the "Top News Stories", available on the right :D, on the side bar.

Initially on load of the page, i was planning to show all the current top stories, accessing it from other sites. But, IE seems to have some security restrictions on a web page accessing resources of other web sites. Ok, i think that's what it is. So it pops up some security message. So i have shifted over to using a textbox and a "Go" button. On the click of the "Go" all the news as per the xml feed in the text box will be displayed. Go ahead and try it, but remember to click "Yes" on the security warning.

Anyway for the knowledgeable. On click of the "Go!!!" it uses XmlHttpRequest, retrieves the XML feed from the site mentioned in the text box and displays it in "user friendly" format.